Case Study:
Aamer Group's Digital Transformation with Raizn

Aamer Group, a prominent name in the UAE, boasts a diverse portfolio spanning various sectors. While they had established a significant offline reputation, their digital presence, particularly their app an de-commerce platforms, were not reflecting the same level of success. The objective was clear: to enhance their online stature and optimize their digital touchpoints to match their offline prominence.

  • Digital platforms underperforming despite a strong offline reputation.
  • App faced challenges in user engagement and conversions.
  • Website not optimized for lead generation and sales.
Solution by Raizn
  • Strategic Insight: Comprehensive growth marketing strategy tailored to Aamer Group's unique challenges and objectives.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: On-site consultant engagement for in-depth data gathering, ensuring strategies were backed by real metrics.
  • App Optimization: Introduced user-centric enhancements, improving user experience and engagement..
  • Awareness & Branding: Launched targeted campaigns to boost brand recall and online visibility.
  • Lead Management: Implemented advanced lead generation strategies, seamlessly integrated with a CRM system for better lead nurturing.
  • Data Infrastructure: Comprehensive setup of tracking pixels, SDK events, and analytics tools to monitor and optimize performance.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Established regular communication channels with key personnel, ensuring alignment and quick decision-making.
  • Holistic Growth Approach: Beyond just numbers, focused on enhancing the overall user journey, from awareness to conversion, ensuring sustainable growth.
  • Streamlined and data-backed digital strategy.
  • CRM integration, ensuring a seamless lead nurturing process.
  • Enhanced app user experience leading to better engagement and retention.


Reduction in app install costs.
Decrease in cost per registered lead.
Increase in qualified leads.
Overall conversion rate.
"Partnering with Raizn was a game-changer. Not only did we see tangible results, but the depth of strategic insight and commitment to our growth was unparalleled."
- Solaiman Abueida, CEO and Founder of Aamer Group