Case Study:
Elevating SmartBuy™ - Jordan's Electronics Megastore with Raizn's AI & Automation

SmartBuy™, Jordan's premier electronics megastore, has been the go-to destination for IT, audiovisual, and telecom products. With a legacy of offering top-tier products, SmartBuy™ recognized the need to further enhance its digital footprint and offer an even more refined online shopping experience to its vast customer base.

While SmartBuy™ had a dominant market presence, there wereunderlying challenges. The conversion rates needed a boost, and the digitalcampaigns, though vast, required more agility to adapt to the dynamic digitalmarket. The goal was clear: offer a more personalized shopping experience andensure that every marketing dinar spent was optimized for the best returns.
Solution by Raizn
Raizn's intervention was multi-pronged:
  • Dynamic Campaign Management: Through a meticulous analysis of market metrics, Raizn introduced automated campaign switches based on cost caps and market competitiveness, ensuring SmartBuy™ always had the edge in its digital outreach.
  • AI-Driven Personalization: In partnership with cutting-edge AI tools, a bespoke shopping experience was crafted for each user, analyzing their preferences and past interactions, making every visit to SmartBuy™ unique and tailored.
  • Automated AI Support: An AI-powered text-to-text support system was integrated, ensuring customer queries were addressed with speed, accuracy, and consistency.
The AI-centric approach meant SmartBuy™ could offer ashopping journey that felt personal and intuitive. The dynamic campaignsensured optimal utilization of the marketing budget, driving better engagementand conversions.


Increase in conversion rates within the first quarter.
More efficiency in ad spend, leading to a broader market reach at a reduced cost.
Surge in Customer retention rates due to the personalized shopping experiences.
Increase in average order values, attributed to the tailored product suggestions and seamless shopping journey.
"Working with Raizn was a game-changer. Their expertise in AI and automation brought about tangible, impressive growth. Our digital campaigns are now more impactful, and our customers absolutely love the personalized shopping experience. It's been a win-win!"
- Firas Altaha, Marketing Manager at SmartBuy™